Special Edition G3s!

December 10, 2008
Incredible New Features!

  • Extremely Limited Production Per Special Edition Color
  • Milled Entirely from Aircraft Aluminum
  • 100% Hand Polished
  • Two-Piece Barrel Kit
  • Upgraded Programmable Board
  • Redesigned Carrying Hook for Comfort and Ease
  • Redesigned High Pressure Regulator for Guaranteed Reliability
  • Same Incredible Weight and Size as Original G3
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (Some Restrictions Apply)

Be one of the proud few to own a limited production ‘Special Edition G3’ in your choice of five brilliant color combinations. Already reputed to be "one of the most amazing paintball guns on the planet" for the price, the SE G3 is packed with upgraded features and has been meticulously hand polished to a 'glass-like' finish. Backed by DP's reputation for reliability, the SE G3 also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty - the ultimate guarantee that customer satisfaction is, and will always be, DP's number one priority. Get yours today!

Collect them all - Special Edition G3s available in GALAXY BLACK, DARK EARTH, ULTRA VIOLET, JUNGLE GREEN, and SPEARMINT SILVER

Price Reduction on G3s!

October 20, 2008
Effective October 20, 2008, the Dangerous Power G3 marker will be available at a reduced price of $299.00! This is your chance to own an incredible marker that rivals the best on the market, or to add a few more to your DP collection. Call your nearest authorized dealer... stock is limited, so act fast!

Note to our loyal customers:
The new price does not reflect an effort to move out existing markers for a replacement model; at this time there are no plans to continue the G3 lineup. Rather, this is our way of making this amazing marker affordable to players of all levels, particularly as the holiday season approaches. We appreciate your continued support...thanks for helping to spread the word!

Calling All Dealers!

September 24, 2008
If you are an authorized dealer of DP products and would like to be listed on the ' Where To Buy ' section of our website, please send us an email with your information to: sales@dangerouspower.com. Please remember to include a store address, phone number, and website, if applicable.

The Dangerous Power REV-i

September 10, 2008
We've received several calls and emails lately requesting further information regarding the highly anticipated DP REV-i Paintball Marker.

The bad news is that creating and perfecting the REV-i has presented some challenges for the engineers here at DP headquarters, as we're aiming for this marker to exceed all previous standards and expectations in both aesthetics and performance.

The good news is that we can pretty much guarantee the final product is going to blow. you. away. (No modesty here.)

To help update all those interested in the final development stages of this limited production marker, please check back for the reveal of an official DP BLOG, dedicated to giving our loyal fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on here at DP Engineering. Stay tuned!

DP SHOP Launch!

August 28, 2008
DP SHOP has officially opened its doors for business! Find the parts, accessories, and other DP products you need direct from the source. As promised, you can now purchase the G3 stock replacement board, G3 upgrade board, and the all-new completely milled G3 trigger (among other things) with just a click of your mouse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check back often, because you never know when a one-of-a-kind, DP SHOP exclusive item might turn up!


August 28, 2008
Check back next week for the debut of DP SHOP - the official Dangerous Power webstore, where you can purchase DP parts and accessories direct from the source!


August 20, 2008
You spoke, we listened. The DP G3 upgrade board makes its debut on August 31, 2008 and will be available for sale through the official DP SHOP, Dangerous Power's new web store.

When it came to searching for a company to build a board for us, the decision was easy. APE (Advanced Paintball Electronics), a company well known for bringing state-of-the-art technology at unsurpassed value, shares similar philosophies with DP in regards to innovation, quality, and genuine care for the paintball enthusiast. Like DP, APE builds their products entirely in-house without contracting work to outside third parties, thereby ensuring the quality of each board produced. DP engineers were thoroughly impressed with APE's technical knowledge, professionalism, and creativity, and we are sure the G3 upgrade board will be a hit.

You can count on more exciting products in the future through this exclusive partnership between DP Engineering and APE!

For details and specs on this exciting new product, please visit our PRODUCTS page.


July 17, 2008
This exclusive, proprietary formula, known as Formula DP-40, was designed specifically for use with DP markers. Factors such viscosity, temperature, and weight, were carefully tested and analyzed during its formulation. This lubricant is safe for use in all types of paintball marker mechanisms and insures the highest level of performance from your DP marker. Remember - when using this product, a little goes a long way. For further questions regarding proper maintenance of your DP marker, contact our service staff by emailing us at service@dangerouspower.com, or by visiting the ' support ' section of our website.

10.00 MSRP

G3 Parts Kit and DP Dealer Mega Kit

July 15, 2008
Due to the incredibly simple, yet advanced engineering behind the high performance Dangerous Power G3 marker, both the seasoned tech and paintball 'newbie' can perform routine maintenance and repairs with the official G3 Parts Kit. This new kit includes everything that you would possibly need to service your G3 - including a complete solenoid, regulator seat, regulator shims, eye wires, o-rings, screws, and other essential items. This is truly a 'must have' for the serious G3 owner. At 55.00 MSRP, it's also an excellent value!

Also offered is the DP Dealer Mega Kit. This is one of the most complete and comprehensive marker kits available, specifically assembled for DP dealers but made available to the public. With over 1068 pieces, this kit rightfully deserve its name; it includes parts for the Fusion, F8, Threshold, and G3, making it ideal for authorized DP dealers and service centers.

Contact your local pro shop, or visit our web store to purchase the parts kit of your choice today!

G3 PMD (Pressure Measuring Device), Patent Pending

July 1, 2008
(AVAILABLE July 11, 2008)

The G3 Pressure Measuring Device (PMD) is once again, a groundbreaking original design from the engineers at Dangerous Power. The PMD for the G3 allows the paintball enthusiast to monitor air pressure, guard against air spikes, ‘creep’ or loss of pressure commonly experienced during paintball play. The unique design of the G3, the first of its kind, is the only design that allows the utilization of a rear gauge in this manner.

Available in either black or silver, the G3 gauge is available for purchase directly from DP Engineering, or authorized dealers.

For further details on this exciting new product, please visit our PRODUCTS page.

DP G3 Stock Replacement Board

June 15, 2008
(AVAILABLE July 11, 2008)

Available to current G3 owners, DP Engineering is proud to offer a replacement “stock board” replacement. DP's latest offering will give the user greater options, including the ability to adjust:

  • MGRP (Max Global Rate of Fire) settings
  • Trigger debounce
  • Solenoid dwell
  • ABS (Anti Bolt Stick) settings
  • Ramping point
  • Fire Mode, include Semi, PSP, NXL, and Millenium
Users will no longer need to remove the grip cover in order to change settings. All adjustments can be made via trigger pulls. Other features include a battery monitoring feature, trigger buffering, breech/eye delay, and auto shutoff. The new board is available directly from DP Engineering for $35.00, which includes shipping and handling, and WILL NOT require a core exchange.