M3-A1's Features

The Engineer's of DP would like to introduce to the players an all new In-Line pressurized system combined with high precision 3D milling for ergonomics & exceptional dialed iron sights for any marksman. The M3-A1's valiant introduction brings forth a new advancement in our master craftsmanship & Technology - A Dual-Core Integrated System (DCI), combining the Drive Force & Operational Regulator in one device, is driven by a new low-pressure operated solenoid.

Full Body Aluminum Component

The M3-A1's structure consists of a Aircraft Grade full aluminum body for extreme durability & high performance. This rigid structure's 1:1 scale design grant the wishes of our players the real combat feel.


DCI System

A new advancement in DP's Technology, the Dual-Core Intergrated System combines the two most valuable operating components into one system - improving High performance in our Patented Dump-Valve design as well as long-lasting performance.

Integrated High Pressure Regulator

The M3-A1's DCI System contains a newly constructed OPR system designed to handle and regulate high & low pressure sources & is constructed with few parts & only six O-rings.

3-Point Trigger Adjustment System

The 3-Point Trigger System allows any marksman to adjust swing & pull. The trigger is accompanied with a removal trigger guard for the use of gloves on the field of battle.

Offset Clamping Feedneck

Dangerous Power Patented Clamping Feedneck with offset design that clears the line of the iron sight. A Dangerous Power Tournament style feature is now included in the M3-A1.

In-Line Pressure System

A breakthrough in craftmanship for Dangerous Power! A durable In-Line pressure system has been implemented in the M3-A1, crafted for performance and extremely easy to maintain.

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