Frequently Asked Questions

Velocity/FPS/Pressure Issues

  1. My marker would chronograph at 400 plus fps (feet per second) on the first shot and then the second shot would back to normal.
    Your marker is experiencing a regulator spike caused by a damaged rubber seal on top of the OPR (Operating Pressure Regulator) piston. To check, open your OPR and remove the OPR piston to check the rubber seal. If the seal is damaged, we suggest replacing it with a new OPR piston.
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  2. My marker will shoot fine the first shot, then the velocity will gradually decrease to the point that the paintballs are rolling out of the barrel.
    Based off of the description of the problem, your marker is experiencing a faulty regulator. The rubber seal on top of the OPR piston will be pushed into the OPR when the OPR adjuster (the screw on the bottom of the OPR) has been tightened too much. The result is that air flow is restricted and consecutive fires will cause the marker to choke and lose air.
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Leaking Issues

  1. I have a leak coming from my ASA when I air up the marker.
    A leak coming from the ASA is usually a result of a bad o-ring.
    • For the Fusion/F8/Threshold – There are two o-rings inside the ASA and the second of the o-rings may be damaged due to overuse, lack of lube or lack of oil.
    • For the G3/iQ/REV-I – There is one o-ring inside the ASA and it may be damaged due to overuse, lack of lube or lack of oil.
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Solenoid Issues

  1. When I pull the trigger the solenoid does not click, even when I do not have the marker aired up.
    When you pull the trigger, with the eyes on or off, does the indicator light react?
    • If the indicator light reacts (stays solid or off depending on when in the sequence the trigger was pulled) then that means the optical eyes on the board is working but the solenoid is not.  Make sure the wires are all contacted properly.  If they are, you may need a new solenoid.
    • If the indicator light does not react (continues to blink methodically), have you adjusted the trigger positioning?
      • If trigger has not been adjusted, the optical sensor on the trigger has gone bad and a new board will be needed
      • If the trigger has been adjusted, readjust the trigger first to make sure that the trigger is crossing the optical sensor.
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Firing/Ramping/Bouncing Issues

  1. When I have the marker on ramping mode it’ll go into full auto and continue firing even after I take my fingers off the trigger.
    Due to the nature of the optical trigger system the board will always have a chance of bouncing. To minimize the chance of the marker bouncing, make sure that the trigger is adjusted so it does not activate the solenoid at the very end of the pull. The activation point (where the trigger makes the solenoid click) should be at 80% of the trigger pull so the board will not make the mistake of reading multiple pulls when the marker is vibrating from firing.
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